When funds are received into your Xero linked bank account, the amount received could represent a combination of rental income and expenses which have been deducted by the Property Manager.

The best way to deal with this is by raising expense invoices for all the deductions and reconciling them together with the relevant income against the deposit entry in the Xero reconciliation.

Enter all expenses

Enter the expenses as per the statement provided by the Property Manager. The Quickest way to do this in Re-Leased is by clicking the + Add button and selecting New Expense Invoice. You could also add these into Xero as a Bill to Pay if you prefer.

Reconcile in Xero

Use Find & Match to reconcile one amount received against multiple transactions.

Match the Income

Locate the income invoice or invoices which relate to this deposit and select them. Using the Search function will help with this.

Match the Deductions

Add the tick to Show Spent Items and use the search function to locate the Expense Invoices for each deduction on the statement.

Once all relevant entries are selected, click Reconcile.