At times it may be helpful to view information stored in notes on the property or tenancy while you are creating or editing invoices.

To turn this feature on, go to Settings > Manage Companies and open your company.

Scroll down on the Company Details page and under the Invoicing section, check the Enable Notes for         Invoices box.

Click Save.

Enable Note Types to Show on the Invoice Screen

From the Company Settings screen, under the General section, select Note Types.

Select an existing note type and check the Display This Type of Note When Creating/Editing Invoices option.

Each note type that you want to appear on the invoice screen will need to be enabled.

View Notes on the Invoice Screen

Create a new invoice or edit an existing invoice.

All existing Property and Tenancy notes will be displayed in the list on the right side of the screen.

  1. When a Property and Tenancy is selected on the invoice, the notes will be filtered to show only notes from the selected Property and Tenancy.
  2. Click the arrow to open or close each note.
  3. Enter a word or phrase to search the notes for matches.
  4. Click the green cross icon to create a new note from the invoice screen.
  5. Click the arrow to show or hide the notes panel.