To view a breakdown of the rental ledger balances you can select Rental Ledger balance on the trust accounting home page. You can also choose to exclude owners with no balances & include archived ledgers.

1. The ledger summary shows the following information; 

  • Ledger Name - this link to view transactions or edit ledger details;
  • Owner Name - this link to view the owner contact;
  • Property Name  this link to view the property;
  • Withheld - Click the amount link to add, view or edit withhold details;
  • Pending - Payments that have been disbursed but not yet reconciled;
  • Current Balance - the balance of the ledger including any uncleared receipts;
  • Uncleared - any amount that is part of the current balance which is not yet cleared funds;
  • Available - the balance of the ledger, less uncleared funds, before deductions - click the magnifying glass to view the breakdown of the available funds;
  • Creditor Current Balance - the total amount owing on expense invoices or income credit notes with balances payable, click the property link, select Invoices on the left menu, view the Expenses tab and filter to Approved invoices to see the amounts due to creditors, any credit notes appear on the Income invoices list which can be filtered to show only credit notes;
  • Fees Current Balance - the amount owing for fees, depending on what type of fees they are, these can be viewed by clicking the property or owner links, then Fees on the left menu;
  • Potential Disbursable Balance - the amount that would be paid to the owner if you processed a disbursement now, if the amount is negative there would usually be no owners payment for this ledger.  The option to pay the owner even if they owe for creditors and fees can be found in Settings Menu > Trust Accounts.