The Outgoings Budget Details report shows the allocation details for each account and tenancy within the budget.

This report can be filtered by:

  • Report For - Choose whether to run the report for a single company or for all companies.
  • Property - Select a single property or run for all properties.
  • Budget Status - Run the report for a single status (Draft, Approved or Reconciled) or for all statuses.
  • For the Budget - If a Property is selected in the Property filter, you can select a single budget from that Property to include in the report or include all budgets for the selected property.  This filter is disabled if a selection is made in the Budget Status filter.
  • Type of Property - Run the report for a selected property type e.g. all commercial properties.  If a property is selected in the property filter, this filter is disabled.
  • Show Budget Notes - If there are notes saved against the selected budget, you can choose to include these on the report by checking this option.

The Outgoings Budget Details report outlines all the accounts included in the budget with each tenancies allocation for each account.

If a cap or collar has been recorded against any of the tenancies, this information is also included int he report.  If these amounts result in any adjustments for any of the tenancies, the Adjusted Allocation with the final adjusted allocation.