Tenants are able to log a maintenance request through the Tenancy app or through Fixflo.  When they are created in Re-Leased, they are shown as Requested Maintenance.

On the dashboard, the Maintenance tile will turn red if you have any new maintenance requests to action.  The message on the tile will tell you how many requests you have.

Inside the Maintenance Hub, the requested maintenance will be listed in a separate section at the top of the screen.  Only maintenance requests for properties that you manage will be visible here.

  1. Click the Title link to view the maintenance details, including any attached images or documents.
  2. The Property link will open the Property Preview modal, showing basic details about the related property.
  3. If the request came from the tenancy app, the Requested By link will take you to the contact details.  If the request came through Fixflo, the Requested By link will take you back to the task in Fixflo.
  4. There are three possible actions you can take with a requested task:
    • Approve - this will change the status of the task to Incomplete and it will be listed with all other Incomplete tasks.
    • Decline - this will change the status of the task to Declined and the task will be moved to the Declined tab.
    • Decline and email tenant - the status of the task will be changed and the task will be moved, but you will also have the opportunity to email the tenant to let them know that their request has been declined.  This option is only available for requests received from the Tenancy app.

Declined Requests

Any declined requests are listed on the Declined tab in the Maintenance Hub.  These can be restored from here, which will return the task to a requested state.