The following reports are available in Re-Leased for Non-Resident Landlord Tax:

  • Annual Tax Report
  • Annual Tax Report - Exemption Approved
  • Non-Resident Tax Journal Report
  • Quarterly Tax Report

The Annual Tax  and Annual Tax - Exemption Approved Reports can be run and used together to provide you with the information you required to complete your NRLY form to HMRC

The Non-Resident Tax Journal Report shows a complete record of all tax retained, tax paid and any adjustments made for each owner.  This can be useful to verify the amount of tax being retained.

The Quarterly Tax Report can be used as backup for your quarterly payment to HMRC

The Annual Tax Report, Annual Tax Report - Exemption Approved and Quarterly Tax Report can all be set to be automatically generated when your quarterly disbursement to HMRC is made, but can also be run from the reports menu at any time.