Release Notes - 18 December 2017


**Display Property and Tenancy Notes When Coding Invoices**

Re-Leased is great for storing notes about properties, tenancies or contacts. Each note can be assigned a type and now you can nominate one or more types of notes to appear alongside an invoice while you are working on it. 

As an example you might create a note type called “Invoice reminder” and then create a note against a property using that type. The note might contain special instructions about who needs to approve the invoice or perhaps info about the owner who is being charged.

Once the related property is selected on the invoice you’ll have access to the notes on the right of the screen to help you create the invoice in the right way. It works the same if the note is related to a tenant; just add a related tenancy to the invoice and the tenant notes (of the nominated type) will appear on the right. 

These notes are for your reference only and don’t appear on the created invoice.

If you want to try them out go to Settings > Manage Companies and select Enable Notes for Invoices under your company. Then, you just need to go to Settings > Note Types and nominate which types you want to display when creating/editing invoices.

For a full demonstration check out the following video:

**Users Can Now Edit the Payment Advice Section of Invoice Templates**

Our invoice templates have received another great boost this update! Users now have the ability to customise the Payment Advice section of the invoice (that’s the part below the scissors on a printed or emailed invoice). It has all the bells and whistles in terms of formatting as well as some handy merge fields including the new Custom Tenancy Reference Field (see below for more details).

To edit the payment advice section of an invoice template go to Settings > Invoice Templates and select a template to edit. Next click Edit and set Customise Payment Advice to Yes. Edit the Payment Advice in any way you like. In fact if you’re not a big fan, you can just remove it altogether.

For more details take a look at this short video:

**Custom Tenancy Reference Field**

A new custom reference field has been added on the Tenancy, which you can rename as you wish from the company settings or from the tenancy details. This field is similar to the custom property field and is available across all tenancies.

You can use it any way you like.

**Early adopters take note: New tenant app available for beta download now!**

Our Tenant App has continued to make great progress and we’re only a few tweaks away from being ready to shout it from the rooftops. If you are already interested though you can take a look now. Just reach out to support and we’ll arrange access to the app in your account, and you can then invite a few tenants to try it out. 

Tenants can check their balances and log maintenance directly through the app which we hope will free up more of your time to work on the things that matter most.


**Rent Arrears Hub Update**

The Rent Arrears Hub has received a bit of a facelift to make it easier for you to read through the abundance of information available on that screen. You also now have the ability to update contact information and the delivery method without leaving the hub which will hopefully make the process of sending arrears notifications much easier.

**Bank Statement Matching Logic Improvements for Users of Trust Accounting**

There are a lot of checks that go on under the hood to allow tenant payments on the bank statement to automatically match to the correct invoice. We have added one more such check and we’re confident that it’s going to be a great improvement for you.

Prior to this build, a tenant’s payment would not be matched as a green match if there was a part payment against the rent invoice and the tenant paid the regular amount. We required that the amount paid by the tenant matched the balance of the invoice exactly. This has changed. We still require a match on amount, but instead of it being the unpaid balance of the invoice, it’s the amount of the invoice in full, and if there is a part payment we will just roll the balance over to the next invoice.

We think this will create more matches for you. Check out the video below to see it in action.