The Payment Clearance functionality is designed to allow users of Re-Leased to specify the amount of time to hold payments received in an uncleared state to prevent the trust account from being overdrawn if the payment is reversed.


Please note, each Trust Account can have their own Payment Clearance times and will need to be updated individually as the default is set at zero days.

1. Click on the Settings menu option

2. Click on the Trust Account link found under Accounting

3. Select the Trust Account you wish to update

4. Under the right column, there is a section called Payment Clearance

Each payment type can be set up individually as per your company policy.

5. Once you have updated the payment clearance, click on the green Save button

Now, when a payment is processed and the Trust Account you have selected to be disbursed to has a Payment Clearance setup for that type of payment, it will go into an "uncleared" status until the time you set up in the Trust Account settings has lapsed.

If the type of payment or a Trust Account is used that does not have the Payment Clearance setup, they will be immediately available in the account as per default functionality.