To view or create readings for your meter, click the Readings link alongside your meter.

The initial reading entered when setting up the meter will be displayed here. You can edit the date the reading was taken or the reading fields of the initial reading. To create a new reading, click the New Reading button.

  1. Previous Reading Taken On - The previous reading information is displayed here for your information.
  2. Reading Taken On - Enter the date the reading was taken. This can be any date after the previous reading date and before today.
  3. Reading - Enter the reading.
  4. Chargeable - You can specify whether the reading is chargeable or not. If set to not chargeable you will not be able to generate invoices for the reading.
  5. Unit Price - The default unit price from the meter will be set here by default but this can be edited if needed.
  6. Standing Charges - Any standing charges set on the meter will be added to all new readings by default. You can edit or remove these default charges or add new charges to the reading. Any changes made to the standing charges from a reading will only apply to that reading. Changes to default standing charges for all readings will need to be made on the meter.

Once you have made all the required changes click Save

Any new readings created are listed under Readings.

Creating Bulk Readings

Bulk Update allows you to create multiple readings for different meters at once. Click Bulk Update to open the Bulk Meter Readings screen.

  1. Readings Taken On - The date entered here will apply to all readings.
  2. Chargeable - You can specify whether these readings are chargeable or not. This setting will apply to all readings created at this time.
  3. Standing Charges - Any standing charges set on the meter are applied by default, but these can be edited, removed or new ones added from this screen by clicking the Edit link.
  4. Unit Price - The default unit price set on the meter will be applied by default, but this can be edited here.
  5. Current Reading - Enter the reading for each meter that you want to create readings for.
  6. To create the new readings click Save

Alternatively, you can click Save and Generate Invoices to proceed to the Generate Invoices screen to generate invoices for these new readings.

1. Enter in the Invoice Due Date

2. Click Generate Invoices

These will now generate in the background and will appear within the Income & Expenses tab once created, alternatively you can view them by clicking into the Meter Reading and clicking on Invoices

Click on the invoice number for this to open the invoice.