**Budget Allocation Methods** 
Prior to this update when creating new outgoings budgets you could specify the amount or the percentage for each tenancy, for each allocation type (or chart of account). With this release you now have additional options to specify these allocations based on the percentage of their rent or the percentage of their occupied areas. For more information on how this works, check out our help files by clicking the question mark in the top right of your Re-Leased screen. 

**Matching Properties in Fixflo**
With this update we’ve added a dedicated sync process to match properties between Fixflo and Re-Leased. With the slick user interface you can clearly see which properties have been matched automatically, then manually find a match for any other properties. We’re confident this update will streamline the process of syncing issues from Fixflo and reduce the amount of manual intervention needed. 

Fixflo users can try it out from the Fixflo add-on in the company settings or see our help files for more information.

**Copy an Invoice**
Duplicating an invoice is now made easier with a handy little Copy Invoice option. An invoice of any status can be copied and a new invoice will be created using exactly the same information as the original. This option is available from the drop down menu in the top right of the invoice; the same place where you go to Edit or View History.


**Option to Cc and Bcc outbound emails**
When manually sending emails from within Re-Leased you can now specify additional recipients to copy or blind copy in on the email. This means you can now copy yourself on these emails.

**Email documents directly from within Re-Leased**
Now anytime you see a document in Re-Leased you will notice an email icon alongside it. If you need to send a copy of the document to someone just click that button and it is sent directly from Re-Leased as an email without you having to download and attach it manually.

**Set a default PDF template for a tenancy**
The default PDF invoice template is set at a company level, but you can now also set a different default template for an individual tenancy under the Tenancy Details tab. All income invoices for the tenancy will pick up this template as well as newly created rent and outgoings templates. You can still override this to have different templates for the same tenancy if needed. 

**Sort the Maintenance Report by Date**
You now have the option to sort the Maintenance Report either by Property Name or the Due Date of the Maintenance Task.


**Property Anniversary Date and Related Fee** 
You can now set an Anniversary Date for a property under the Property Details tab which will appear on the calendar of the property manager or on the global calendar. There is also now an option to use this date to trigger a fee on the anniversary date. The fee can be based on a set amount, a percentage of the total rent for the property or a period of rent and is setup as a rule under the settings like all other fees. The fee isn’t automatically raised but rather requires approval from the corresponding reminder on the Dashboard Calendar so you won’t ever get caught by surprise.

**Add ability to easily find and match a group of related unreconciled items**
For everyone who still has to deal with cash or cheques across the counter it can sometimes be a confusing process to match up a single lump-sum bank statement item with all of the individual receipts in Re-Leased. The great news is that now after grouping these together in the Bank Deposit feature you can then filter transactions to only show receipts that were part of that specific deposit. Keep an eye out for it when you’re next in Find and Match.


As per usual a number of bugs and issues have been addressed in this build and we’ll reach out to you directly if any of them relate to issues you have raised through support.