**Greater flexibility to specify the frequency in which invoices are generated in advance**
Prior to this update there were limited frequency options for generating invoices in advance. With this release you can now specify the number of days, weeks, months or years in advance you want the invoice to be generated. To set this, go the Invoicing section under Manage Company settings or to customise an individual tenancy go to the Default Tenancy Invoice Options.

**Set the default due date for all manually created invoices**
This release also brings you the ability to specify the default due date for manually created income or expense invoices. You can choose a specific day of the current month or the following month, or a set number of days from the current date or the end of the current month. You can also specify a different default for the income and the expense invoices. To check out this new setting navigate to the Invoicing section of the Company Settings.


**Merge fields updates**
We’ve revamped the way merge fields are inserted into templates throughout Re-Leased and have added descriptions explaining what each field is so you know what you’re going to get when the data is generated. New merge fields have also been added to the Forms & Agreements templates and the Payment Advice section of the Invoice templates.

To view the list and the field descriptions, click on ‘Insert Merge Fields’ when creating or editing a template. Then select the field(s) you need and click Ok. The fields are then added to the template as they were before.

To view a full list of each templates merge fields and their descriptions check out the following help articles by clicking the Question Mark icon from within Re-Leased (top right corner):
Configuring Communication Settings
Invoice Templates

**Won and Lost metrics on KPI Summary Report**
With this release there is an option to view the Managements and Tenancies Won and Lost metrics on the KPI Summary Report. If you want to see this information, just check the ‘Display Won and Lost’ checkbox on the report criteria and the time period you need to see. If you haven’t been tracking this information now is a great time to start. You can activate the tracking feature under the ‘Optional Features’ section of your Company Settings.

**Invoices and Credit Notes can be saved with negative individual lines as long as the total balance of the invoice is positive**
We recently restricted the ability to save individual invoice line items as a negative amount however we have now relaxed that restriction slightly. These new changes mean that the invoice or credit note can be saved with a negative line item as long as the total amount is greater than zero and in the case of our Trust Accounting users, all line items use the same ledger. This will have a particularly positive effect when reconciling budgets as negative line items can be created in this situation. 

**Communications section in Quick Links**
In this product update there has been a Communications section added to the Quick Links menu. From this you can send an email or a text message to a contact.


**Select an email template for Financial Summary and Financial Details Reports**
The Financial Summary report and the Financial Details report could already be emailed with a predefined message. Now you can select a template and insert any merge fields before emailing these reports. To do this, create a new Correspondence template and set the type to Financial Summary Report or Financial Details Report. Then generate the report and click on Email Report. From here you can choose the template and edit the body.

**New improved Bank Reconciliation and Find and Match screens**
We’ve implemented some slick new styling on our Bank Reconciliation screens which we think will make this process a much nicer experience.


As per usual a number of bugs and issues have been addressed in this build and we’ll reach out to you directly if any of them relate to issues you have raised through support.