**Record utility meter readings**
With this new release utility meters can be created on a property and readings can be recorded against the meter. There is also the option to add standing charges to a meter or to a reading. A standing charge can either be a daily rate or a set charge. Once a meter has been created and readings have been added, invoices can be generated without having to manually create them yourself! The meter reading and any standing charges will be displayed on the same invoice and the description is populated with exactly what you need.

To add a new meter, go to a property, select the Outgoings tab and then Utility Meters. You can create your own meter and start to record readings. Also, be sure to check out our helpguide which contains some examples and a video.


**New shortened owner statement for each ledger**
We have created a new shortened version of our owner statement. This new statement is short and simple. It highlights overdue income and expenses so that your owners can get a sense of what still needs to be paid. It has been designed primarily from a commercial perspective but we think residential owners will enjoy it too so make sure you check it out. Newly created owners will default to this statement type so just keep that in mind if you want to stick with something else. 

For more details about the statement please check out our helpdesk article:


**New improved Dashboard Calendar screens**
We’ve given the calendar screens on the Dashboard a makeover. It’s a fresh new look with the same access to important information that you are used to.

**Merge field updates for Work Order and Quote Request templates**
We have added area title, area size and due date to the list of merge fields available on a Work Order template. We have also added area title and area size to the list of merge fields available on a Quote Request template. This means contractors can see how big an area is and know when the work is due once they receive the request. 


As per usual a number of bugs and issues have been addressed in this build and we’ll reach out to you directly if any of them relate to issues you have raised through support.