Setting up your company branding ensures all correspondence sent from your Re-Leased account looks professional.  Start by completing address details and uploading a logo on the Manage Companies page of settings, as this can be used in other areas as a merge field option.

Each company in your group needs its own Header and Footer set up for email and print.  This allows each company to use the same set of templates with personalised branding.  See:

Managing the Header and Footer

Any templates you add are shared across all companies in your group so it's best to avoid using logos or specific names on these, use merge fields wherever possible.  See:

Correspondence Templates (emails and letters)

Text Message Templates

Forms and Agreements Templates

Work Order Templates

Customers who are connected with a Xero account should manage the appearance of invoices in their Xero settings, if you have a Re-Leased company which is not connected to Xero you can adjust the appearance of your invoices in Re-Leased settings.  See:

Invoice Templates

Customers who have trust accounts should also review the owner statement options area.  See:

Owner Statement Display Options