Access fee rules from the Settings Menu.  Fees only apply to Companies with Trust Accounts.

Fees are grouped by type - the options are Owners, Properties and Tenancies - this sets what triggers are available.  The most commonly used fee type is Property.

Each fee rule may be set to 'apply to new' or not.  Regardless of this setting, any imported owners, properties or tenancies will not be automatically included in the rule, and the rule must be edited to include them.

Click on a fee rule name in the list to adjust which owners, properties or tenancies a fee applies to, or customise the rate applied.

Each record being charged the default rate will appear in the list with 'customise' at the end of the line.  Click 'customise' or the displayed rate to make changes for that record only.

Within each fee there is an Add and Remove option at the bottom of the page:

Tick or un-tick beside each record, those which are ticked are included in this fee rule.  Using the filter allows a specific record to be found without needing to scroll through the whole list.  Click Save Changes to keep any changes.

If a Fee rule is archived no further fees will be raised.  Fees which are already raised are not adjusted when changes are later made to the fee rule.