**Extended Tenancy Notice Options**
With this build we’ve added more options to the tenancy contacts Notices Options list. In addition to the existing Arrears and Inspections options, you can now specify which contacts should receive copies of Invoices, Maintenance, Forms & Agreements and General Correspondence notices. 

The option to send an invoice to additional contacts is a big part of this feature and we hope you’ll be as excited about this as we are! This option is now mandatory for Account contacts so they will receive copies of every invoice, but it will need to be applied manually for all other contact types.

Any contact who has the maintenance option selected will be associated by default with any new maintenance task created for the tenancy. These contacts can be changed for each specific task though and even changed again on the work order for that task. There is also a new Tenancy Maintenance Contacts merge field you can add to work orders so contractors will have their contact details if they need to arrange access. This option has not been applied by default to any existing tenancy contacts to ensure you can turn this feature on as you need.

As part of this work we’ve also added a new Tenancy filter to the Send Email and Mail Merge screens. Once you’ve made a selection in the property filter, you can further refine the list by selecting a specific tenancy from that property. We’ve also updated the Current Tenant option in the Contact Type filter, so only tenancies that have the General Correspondence option selected will be included in this list. We’ve made sure this option is added to all existing tenancy contacts so this filter continues to work for you exactly how it has in the past. When adding new tenancies, this option will be applied by default.

For more information on how these new options work check out our help guide

**Import Keys**
We’ve added the ability to import a list of keys across multiple properties at once. You can access this feature from the main Properties screen.


**Import Property Template Updates**
The Import Property template has been updated to make it easier to add multiple areas with the property as well as adding a few improvements to make the whole process easier.