**Tax Details Report**
In this new build we’ve added a new tax report to provide you with the required information to prepare tax returns. This is an invoice-based report, which can be run by property or by owner, showing any invoice with an issue date within the selected date range or period.

You can access this report from the Financial Reports section on the General reports tab. Check out our help files for more information.


**Improvements to Owner Group Contacts: Owner statement address change**
Owner groups allow you to split disbursement payments from one ledger amongst individual contacts. Up until now owner groups have just looked like regular owner contacts, which has made them a bit tricky to use as some information is relevant to the group and some is not. Well, we’ve drastically streamlined the owner group contact now to only display information that is relevant to the owner group. By relying on the individual member contact for things like address info, you now have much more control over what appears on your statements.

As such, owner groups no longer display address information. While the owner group contact address info was previously being displayed on owner statements, Re-Leased will now display the address of the individual member contact. The statement will be addressed in the following way:

[Owner Group Name]
[member contact Name]
[member contact Postal Address]

We recommend that you just check your member group contacts to make sure that they have the address info that you want displayed in their owner statement. Although you can no longer see the address against the owner group contact, we have just hidden it, not deleted it, so you can see it by either viewing the history of the contact or by viewing the Contacts Report.

One final consideration is that any contacts you nominate in the ‘Send Copy of Owners Statement To’ section of the owner group contact will receive a copy of each individual member contact’s statement; not a single generic statement. 

**Westpac BPAY bank file**
If you pay your creditors via BPAY and bank with Westpac then you are going to be very glad to learn that we now support this file format. You’ll need to set the default in your trust account settings and enter in a couple of details to finalise the setup.