**Ability to send expense invoice attachments with direct on-charge income invoice**

If you on-charge invoices to tenants you may have thought it would be handy if you could automatically include on the email a PDF copy of the invoice that you had already attached to the expense invoice. Well, so did we which is why now you can!

The decision is made at the expense invoice itself. Just select the option to ‘Copy attachments to the On-Charged income invoice’ and Re-Leased will do the rest.


**Option for Property Anniversary Fee to be automatically raised & completed**

We’ve had some great feedback about the property anniversary fee that we implemented recently. Once set up under Settings > Fees, the fee is raised automatically based on the nominated anniversary date of the property. We have tweaked the behaviour of the calendar in that now you have the choice of whether the anniversary fee task is resolved automatically or if it hangs around waiting for you to acknowledge it. In either case, the fee is still raised on the date specified. 

Existing anniversary fee rules are defaulted to not auto-complete but if you would like to change that simply edit the fee and select ‘Yes’ for Automatically complete calendar reminder.