Our Landlord App is delivering owners and investors total oversight on how portfolios are tracking on demand. The app brings together all of the landlord's tenants, portfolio-wide, and displays valuable tenant insights to better monitor performance and operations.

Manage the Landlord App via Settings > Add-ons and Integrations: 

1. Click Enable 

2. Click Enable Landlord Sign-In

The Landlord Accounts page shows details of current users, as well as options to invite landlords by email or set up accounts for Re-Leased users and Landlord Contacts.

Send Invite to invite new landlord into the app. This is the best way to set them up as it allows the Landlord to set their own password. The 2 manual options work for different kinds of Landlord App users. 

Add App User From Owner Contact is great for owners on behalf of whom you manage properties and is the manual version of the Send Invite button. Creating the user yourself means that you'll need to enter a password which you will then need to pass onto the landlord so generally the Send Invite option is preferable.

Add App User From Re-Leased User This will allow someone in your office who logs into Re-Leased to also be able to log into the Landlord App and see the properties they manage across different companies. While this can be handy to get key information the Property Manager App is actually better suited to meet this need. If you're a manager you'll definitely want to check out the Property Manager App as we'll continue to add more functionality that relates to your property management workflow that you won't find in the Landlord App.

If you have any questions about any of our apps please just reach out to us at support@re-leased.com