At the end of processing a disbursement which included Owner Statements in the reports (see Disbursement Profiles) users have the option of sending e-mailed statements immediately, or waiting until another time:

The user who processed the disbursement will receive an email when the reports are ready with a link to send the statements.

You do not need to have this email to send the statements, and you can send or re-send the statements for any disbursement from the disbursement record.  If the disbursement was the most recently processed, click the green tile on the Trust Accounts page, or for older disbursements select 'Disbursement History' from the tabs along the top:

Click 'Email Generator':

Select an email template in the top section of the Email Generator page:

If creditors were included in the same disbursement, either select a template for their remittance advice or deselect them all in the list:

Click Download Owner Statements if any printed copies are required (must have a tick in the Post? column.

Click Send Selected Emails last.