Outgoings can also be set up as separate templates, for separate invoices.  More than one Outgoings template can be active at the same time, and they can be scheduled to end at a date in the future.  Once an Outgoings template has been added to a tenancy it can be updated by using the budget approval process.

Outgoings templates need to be added after loading a Tenancy, access the Rent & Outgoings Templates by opening a tenant and selecting Rent & Outgoings on the left menu.  

1. Click New Outgoings to add a template:

2. Click Includes Outgoings amount to edit/view outgoings included within the template

3. Click Amount to edit/view outgoings

4. Click Next to preview the next outgoings invoice

5. Click Generate Next Outgoings Invoice to generate the next invoice

The Default Tenancy Invoice Options will apply to all outgoings invoices which are system generated.

Outgoings Template  

Each outgoings template contains the frequency, which combined with the start date sets all future invoice dates.

1. Enter in a reference for the tenancy

2. Select First Invoice Date

3. Select End Date (Optional) this is when the template will stop raising invoices.

4. For users with Xero, this is where you will need to ensure that tracking is selected. For Customers with Trust Accounts, this is where the funds will go to when the payment has been received.