These are the steps to transfer a bond which is held in trust to a new tenancy.

1.  Refund previous tenants bond
Open the previous tenancy, select Bonds on the left menu, click the menu to the right of the bond and select Prepare to refund - refund the full amount to the tenant, the same as if you were going to actually give them their money.
Add your trust bank details to the previous tenants 'accounts' contact.
Begin a disbursement for that trust account using a bonds profile, continue and refund just this bond by EFT.
OPTIONAL upload the bank payment file, this should result in a withdrawal and a deposit on your bank statement, if you do this, skip adding a manual bank statement in step 3.

2.  Raise new tenants bond invoice
Do this the same as normal, however, if the amount differs raise one invoice for the amount to be transferred and a separate invoice for any amounts they will actually pay to you (easier later if you need to reverse something).

3.  Manual Bank Statement (if bank payment file not uploaded)
Trust accounts > Bank statements > Manual Statement:
Line 1 = withdrawal for bond refund amount;
Line 2 = deposit for same amount.
Type the closing balance into the yellow bow, tick the warning and save.

Always make a note for your auditor if a manual bank statement is used.

4.  Reconcile

Match the withdrawal to the refunded bond.
Match the deposit to the new tenants bond invoice.