The Separate Residential Statement is one of the options available for owner statements.

This format begins with the standard header which may be adjusted in the Owner Statement Options section of the settings menu.

Ledger transfers are shown first, then the Income and Expenditure is listed in payment order, and shows the date received/paid, invoice description, payee/payor, and amount paid in or out inclusive of tax as well as a running balance.  Tax is listed separately in it's own column.

All income from 'Rent' invoices is listed as rent regardless of chart of account used.  If you wish to use this format for commercial properties it is recommended to use Outgoings invoice templates for any non-rent charges, to avoid confusion in reading this statement.

Expense descriptions shows the chart of account used on the expense invoice, the suppliers invoice number is shown in brackets in the description.

Where the expenditure is for management fees related to % of money in/out of an account or rent receipted, the invoice number that the fee relates to is shown in brackets at the end of the description.  This invoice number can be referenced in the income.

Any withheld amounts are listed after the closing balance (see second example below).

The Summary at the end shows a total for any funds not disbursed, total amount paid for fees and to creditors, and totals for tax received and paid.

Second example: