Introduction to the Re-Leased Tenant App

Designed to facilitate ease of communication and enhance the tenant experience. Provide your tenants with full visibility of their lease on Android or iPhone.

The Tenant app serves several functions:

  1. It provides information about their tenancy, including monthly rent, contact details for their property manager and other contacts related to the tenancy, tenancy details including start and end dates, bond held, and a history of their payments. It also provides information on any upcoming or previous property inspections. 

  2. It provides them access to any documents relating to their tenancy

  3. Tenants can submit maintenance requests from within the app for review by the property manager. 

To view more about the Tenant App check out the video below:


Inviting Tenants 

The Re-Leased Tenant App allows tenants to easily access important information right from their iPhone or Android smartphone. In order for you to see the Tenant App in Re-Leased, we first need to activate it for your company.

It's time to invite your tenants to log in and try it. To view more about the next steps check out the video below:

1. Enabling the Tenant App under settings

2. Inviting a tenant to create a login and download the app

3. What a tenant sees when they follow the instructions


Making documents visible within the App

Click Share with Tenants in Tenant App? when uploading new documents or editing previously uploaded documents to allow the tenant access to view the document within the tenancy app.

To share a property document with all tenants of a property, click Share with all Tenants in Tenant App? when uploading or editing a property document. The document can't be assigned to a tenancy when sharing with all tenants of a property.

If you have any questions about the tenant app or if you wanted to find out about the pricing please email