If expenses loaded to Xero do not appear against a property in Re-Leased, check the following:

1.  Was it entered as a Bill in Xero?

Cash coding, or 'spend money' transactions are not shared from Xero to Re-Leased, only invoices or bills are shared.  This is the same for 'Receive money' transactions.

2.  Was the Bill tracked?

Tracking makes the connection between an invoice entered in Xero and the property in Re-Leased.  If the bill is untracked it will still sync, but will only show in the Income and Expenses area and against the contact connected to it.

3.  Is tracking connected to the Re-Leased company?

Check Settings Menu > Manage Companies - the Invoicing section for each company should show a link to the tracking category used for properties.

4.  Is tracking connected to the Property?

You can see this by viewing the property Summary page, or Property Details page.

5.  Is the Bill or Invoice dated before the 'sync from' date?

Check Settings > Manage Add-ons and Integrations > select company > select Xero.  Invoices dated prior to the Sync From date are not shared.  Edit the invoice in Xero to use a date within your sync range, or disconnect from Xero and reconnect using an earlier date.