Before archiving users you must delegate all tasks and re-assign properties to another user. Please refer to this article for more information on delegation.

If a user no longer requires access to Re-Leased their user account can be archived.

Select Users from the Settings Menu, and then select the User to archive.  Users are specific to the companies they have access to, if you can't see the user in the list, go back to the settings menu and select a company that user can access at the top of the page, then select Users.  Prior to archiving the user, it's important that all tasks delegated to that user are reassigned to other users, properties are re-assigned to other users

To select the user to archive, click 'Archive' and then confirm.

Once the User has been archived they will no longer be able to access Re-Leased.

The email address assigned to an archived user cannot be used by a new user.  If a new user is to have the same email address as the previous user, edit the email address and save the changes prior to archiving the user.  It is not recommended that a new user continue to use the same log in details as a previous user, as this would make the history records inaccurate.

An archived user can be restored, select the 'Archived Users' tab at the top of the users list, and click 'Restore' beside the user in the list.