If a receipt is made using Process Payments, there will be an option to download it at the time of making the receipt. The first time a receipt is downloaded it is an original, all further downloads of the same receipt will be duplicates.

All receipts can be accessed Income and Expenses, and by clicking onto Receipts.

This can be filtered by Company or Property Manager, searched by Number, Tenancy or Property.

Click the column headers to change the order of the list.

Unreconciled receipts can be reversed.

By clicking on the receipt number you'll be able to view further details. The Payment Received By information contained within the receipt is populated from the company contact connected to the Trust Account.

Receipts may also be accessed by clicking receipt Numbers within Tenancy History of any chosen Tenancy

Receipts for a specific invoice can be accessed by clicking the Less Payment link on the invoice page and then selecting the Payment or Rent Payment link below Type.