Run this report to see the comparison of the budgeted expenditure per schedule, with the actual recorded amounts. 

Select Reports, then budget vs actuals report 

The filters for this report are:

  • Report For - select a company
  • Property to Include - select one property
  • For the Budget - select one budget which can be in any state
  • Show Breakdown by Cost Classification 
  • Show Summary View - by default, the report is the detailed view which lists out each expense code within the schedule. Summary View only shows the amounts per schedule

Clicking on an item in the Actual Cost column will take you to the invoice for that item for a more detailed view

If you are finding that actuals are not coming across there could be a chart of account code issue when entering the invoices. 

If you are using Xero ensure that your tracking code is correct against the property & expense invoices

Full Report can be found attached