The Invoice Details and Payments report is a transactional report showing a list of line items on invoices issued within a specified date range, with any payments or credit notes that have been applied against them.  This report can be run by owner or ledger, returning all invoices for the selected entities. You also have the ability to include archived ledgers, which can be useful when running this report at the end of a financial period.


There are several options available for you to filter the results of this report:

  • Company Type - Run the report for either Trust Account or Non-Trust Accounting companies. This selection will change the filters that are available.
  • Report For - The company/companies you want to run the report for. The list will be filtered by the company type selected.
  • Bank Account - The trust account you want to run the report for. You can select one account or all accounts.
  • Start/End Date - The start and end of the date range you want to cover. Only invoices issued within the specified range will be included.
  • Run Report By - Options available are owner or ledger. This selection changes the options available for Owners/Ledgers to Include.
  • Account Types - The type of account assigned to the invoice line item - asset, equity, expenses, liability or revenue. Only line items with an account code in the selected account type will be included in the report.
  • Status - Choose the required status of the Invoice - Draft, Approved, Awaiting Approval or Paid.
  • Owners/Ledgers to Include - The owner/s or ledger/s that the report will be run for. You can select one, multiple or all owners/ledgers
  • Include Archived Ledgers? - Include transactions for archived ledgers. If running the report by ledgers, archived ledgers will be available to select. If running the report by owner, transactions for any archived ledgers associated with the selected owner will be included in the report.
  • Property Tags to Include, Tenancy Tags to Include & Owner Tags to Include - Enables you to filter by the specific tag/s you would like to apply

Additional Options

You also have the ability to include additional columns in the report, as well as selecting the column to order the report by and the order to sort them. These will automatically be selected based on the last options chosen when the report was run.

As well as the usual options of Generate Report on Screen, Print as PDF or Download CSV this report can be emailed directly to the selected owner contacts or the owners associated with the selected ledgers.


The list below outlines the columns that are included in the report and the information displayed in each one.

Column NameDescriptionIs Optional?
Issue DateThe issue date on the invoiceNo
Created DateThe date the invoice was created/generatedYes
Service DateThe budget period the invoice is attributable to
Due DateThe due date on the invoiceNo
InvoiceThe unique invoice identifier numberNo
Credit NoteThe unique credit note identifier numberNo
ReferenceThe reference on the invoice or credit noteYes
LedgerThe ledger assigned to the line item on the invoiceNo
Property ManagerThe property manager of the related property on the invoiceYes
Related PropertyThe related property selected on the invoiceYes
Area OccupiedThe area/s occupied by the related tenant selected on the invoiceYes
Related TenancyThe related tenant selected on the invoiceYes
Contact NameThe name of the related contact selected on the invoiceYes
DescriptionThe line item descriptionNo
AccountThe account assigned to the line itemNo
Net AmountThe Net Amount on the line itemNo
GST RateThe GST Rate assigned to the line itemNo
GSTThe amount of GST chargedNo
Gross AmountThe gross amount charged on the invoiceNo
Date Paid/AllocatedThe date a payment was made or a credit note allocated to the invoiceYes
Date Payment/Allocation ProcessedThe date a payment or credit allocation was processed against the invoiceYes
Amount Paid/AllocatedThe amount paid or allocated to the invoice
Amount OutstandingThe outstanding amount still to be paidNo
StatusApproved or paidYes
Emailed?Has the invoice been emailed? (Yes or No)Yes