Re-Leased offers several graphs that will provide key information in a very readable format.

The Analytics that you create are only visible to you and will stay visible on your My Analytics page until you remove them.

Analytic Charts

Clicking on the My Analytics link on the Re-leased dashboard will let you define the Analytics, or Charts, that you can run against your Companies.

Adding New Analytics

Clicking on the ‘Add Chart’ dropdown will allow a new chart to be added to the page.

There are several charts to choose from, and each has its own settings, as well as giving you control over how and where the chart will be displayed.

Multiple copies of each chart can be added, to allow you to see more than one set of information in the same format i.e. you can view separate Occupancy charts for each of your Companies or Properties, or you can view the ‘Top Earners’ by both Property and Lease.

Chart Options

Standard Settings

Every chart includes the following standard settings:

  • Add a Subtitle - Add a line of text that will appear under the chart’s name.
  • Full Width Chart - You can decide whether the chart will be displayed across the whole width of the page or share half a page with another chart.
  • Chart Display Order - You define the order in which the charts appear on the page

Custom Settings

Each chart will also allow you to change other settings such as which companies or properties to use, or date ranges for data. See the options on each chart for the list of custom settings.

Downloading Analytic Results

When viewing any Analytic Chart, click on the three lines in the top right corner. These will show options to Print the chart or download it as an image in one of several formats (.jpeg, .png, .pdf or .svg) on your PC.


Selecting the Print option will open a page to allow you to print the chart


Selecting any of the download options will allow you to save an image of the chart to your PC