Performing multiple Rent Reviews with different Rent Review types can be done by performing a Bulk Rent Review.

1. To perform a Bulk Rent Review, select Bulk Rent Reviews from the Tenancies menu.

2. The Bulk Rent Reviews landing page allows you to start a New Bulk Rent Review.

3. Once you've clicked New Bulk Rent Review you can search for Rent Reviews by Company, Property Manager, Date and Review Type.   Note that multiple Review Types can be selected at the same time in this multi-select box. In addition, you are able to search by Keyword or Tags.  The navigation at the top of the page will guide you through the Bulk Rent Review process.

A Price Index Reference table is available under the Search button and allows users in the UK, Jersey, Australia & NZ to check the latest quarterly figure for CPI/RPI data from source.

Price Index Reference Table:

4. Once you've entered your search criteria, the relevant Rent Reviews will be displayed.  By clicking on the Property, Tenancy or Current Annual Rent details for each Rent Review, a separate browser tab will open to display more detailed information.

5. You are able to adjust the Current Annual Rent by a percentage adjustment or by a dollar amount.  

6. You can choose which Rent Reviews you'd like to proceed with by checking a select box, or to select all Rent Reviews check the top select box.  By checking it again all Rent Reviews are de-selected.

7. Once you have clicked Next you are taken to the Review Adjustments page to review the Rent Review information and ensure everything is correct before you proceed.  At this point, information is read-only and the Bulk Rent Review process will generate the documents upon completion. If there is a Prorated Rent Adjustment the details are shown in the column below and by clicking the link it will show you the calculation details.  Similarly, the Adjusted Rent Invoice column will show data if future dated invoices are generated and there is an adjusted invoice. By clicking the link you are shown further information. 

8. Once you have reviewed the Rent Adjustments, click next to go to the Review Correspondence screen.   This screen summarises the correspondence that will be sent to the Primary &/or Account contact and the delivery method chosen.  

The Rent Adjustment Details calculation can be sent to the Tenant by checking the Attach Rent Adjustment Details box (below). Once the box is checked it shows in the Attachments to Generate and Include column for inclusion.

If there are any adjustment invoices or credit notes to be generated, these are also included to the Tenant and will show in the attachments to include column.

9. You have the option of including a Form & Agreement in the correspondence to the Tenant. To do this, go to Settings > Communications > Templates and create one.  Then go to Settings > Review Types, and once you have clicked on a Review Type you are able to allocate a Form & Agreement template (as per below). You can allocate different templates to different Rent Review types.

10. You are able to allocate an Email Correspondence Template to the Rent Review correspondence by going to Settings > Review Types.  The default template is the Rent Review Completed Master. However to make your own template, go to Settings > Templates and choose the Rent Review Completed Master template from the Correspondence tab.  You can either make your custom template by clicking on the template itself and applying the template to different Rent Review types:

Or by going to Settings > Templates and clicking Create Copy of the Rent Review Completed Master template:

This will allow you to create your custom Correspondence Template for email communication:

11. The Rent Review correspondence defaults to the Primary & Account contact.  By unchecking the box next to Delivery Method, correspondence will not be generated or sent for that contact.

If a contact does not have an email address the delivery method will default to Download only and the message on the screen displayed is No email address.  If a contact has not given permission to receive tenancy notices the delivery method will default to Download only and the message on the screen displayed is No email permissions.  

This can be changed by clicking on the error message or the Send To Contact person link.  A modal will appear and allow you to update the email address, postal address, mobile number and the tenancy notices permissions:

12.  Once you have completed your Rent Review selections click on Complete Rent Reviews to finalise the process:

Note: If at any stage during the Bulk Rent Review process you wish to Cancel, the Cancel button is at the bottom of the screen.  A dialogue box will appear once you click Cancel asking you to confirm the action before all data is reset.  In addition, you can click Back & Next throughout the process.

13. Once you have completed a Bulk Rent Review, the system will generate documents for download and send emails to Tenants.  You will be notified by email when documentation is ready to download.  From there you can click the link in the email to take you to download the documents or you click on either Perform Another Bulk Rent Review or View Processing & Completed Reviews which will take you to the Bulk Rent Review landing page.

14. The Bulk Rent Review landing page provides a summary of Completed, Processing & In Progress Bulk Rent Reviews, and it allows you to start a New Bulk Rent Review (top right).  If at any stage you leave a Bulk Rent Review in progress, you can always resume it from here by clicking the Resume button, and it will take you back to where you left off without losing the reviews you put together. If you no longer wish to proceed with the Bulk Rent Review you can click cancel.

15. To access Rent Review documents, click on the Downloads link. This page also shows you how many emails have been sent.