Once a user has been granted access to create VAT returns see Income and Expenses Permissions there will be an additional section on the Income & Expenses tab.

In VAT Returns you will see a list of previously completed VAT returns and there is the option to create a new return.

Click Create VAT Return

Select relevant Company 

Select relevant Owner

The first time a property owner is selected, the following must be set up:

  • Tax number - if this already exists on the property owner contact it will be pulled through otherwise it will be added back to the owner contact
  • Accounting basis - select either Invoice or Cash
  • VAT period frequency - how often a return needs to be completed for this property owner
  • First VAT period start date¬†
  • This is the start date of the first VAT Return that will be created within Re-Leased for this property owner. Once a VAT Return has been created the start date cannot be changed

Once these have been set, click Edit Settings for Owner to make any changes.

Next step: Viewing the VAT Return