You can add comments to a maintenance item via the Re-Leased website or on the Property Manager App.

If a tenant has the Tenant App, you can communicate with them about maintenance items. The tenant will also be able to view and respond to comments from the Tenant app.

The Maintenance item summary screen displays the latest two comments, you can view all comments or add a new comment via the Comments tab on the left menu.

Comments made by you have your initials in a green circle and comments left by tenants or other users are grey.

On the comments tab, use the New Comment button to leave a comment for the Tenant, if the Tenant has push notifications turned on for the Tenant App, they will receive a notification on their mobile phone.

When a Tenant comments on a maintenance item, the assigned Property Manager will receive an email notifying them of the new comment. 

The Property Manager App allows you to receive push notifications on your mobile phone about comments made on your maintenance items. 

If a maintenance item is delegated to another Re-Leased user, they will receive the notifications about comments instead of the Property Manager.