The Tenancy Schedule will show a list of areas related to tenancies per property with their Lease Terms, Reviews, Outgoings & Rent. The Terms will show the duration of the Leases in a format that includes whether they have Renewals or are Rolling Leases.

The report can be filtered by: 

  • Reports For - Select a Company
  • Owner to Include- Select one or more owner
  • Property Manager - Select a Property Manager 
  • Types of Properties to Include - Select type/s of properties
  • Property to Include - Select one or more Properties 
  • Tags to Include - Select one or more property tags. 
  • Vacant Areas Only - Include vacant only or not. 
  • Detail to include - These can be individually chosen or you can choose to Include All
      • Next Expiry - displays the next rent expiry for the selected areas tenancy 

      • Final Expiry - displays the final rent expiry for the selected areas tenancy

      • Default Outgoings % - displays the outgoings % set for each tenancy

      • Outgoings /m2  - calculates the outgoings per meter squared base on the Net Annual Outgoings 

      • Net Annual Outgoings - as defined in the active Budgets by Area

      • Non-measurable areas - provides the option to include non-measurable areas into the report    

      • All Rent Reviews - adds in all rent reviews that are set up for the tenancy  

      • Rent Type  - retrieved the rent type specified for the tenancy 

      • Clauses - displays the tenancy clauses for the tenancy 

      • Initial Rent - adds in the initial rent that these areas tenancy would have incurred 

      • Current Rent - displays the current rent for the area as specified in the rent to area allocation 

      • Future Rent - retrieves all future rent that this tenancy would incur. 

      • Tenancy Type - displays the type of tenancy that has been set up 

      • Vacant Areas - provides the option to include vacant areas into the report 

      • Non Lettable Areas - provides the option to include non-lettable areas in to there report 

      • Lease Breaks - retrieves all lease breaks that are currently in place for this tenancy  

      • Market Rent - adds in the market rent for the tenancy as specified in the rent to area allocation  

      • Tags - retrieves all property tags associated to the property this tenancy occupies 

  • Sort Order - Sort By Area title ascending or descending 

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