Whenever funds are to be paid out of a trust account a disbursement needs to be processed. The best practice is to process the disbursement in Re-Leased and then complete the payment of funds from your trust account. Running the disbursement produces a file which can be uploaded to your bank to process the transactions.

The purple tile within Trust Accounts will let you know the total number of bonds that are ready to be disbursed and also the number of bonds that are ready to be refunded.

Click Trust Accounts 

Click Disburse Funds

Select the Disbursement Profile that has your bonds attached to this, it's recommended to have a separate profile for Bonds or Bonds & Creditors.

Tick the box for the Bank Reconciliation Completed?

Click Save and Continue

Any bonds available to be disbursed or refunded will appear within this screen, simply untick any bonds that you don't wish to disburse. Click Save and Continue

The summary screen will show the total number of payments being processed and the method of payment: Electronic Funds Transfers or Payments by Cheuque. Click Save and Continue

Click Download Bank File (ABA File) for uploading to the bank. Click Save and Continue

Depending on the setup of the Disbursement Profile, reports will generate and the background and you'll be emailed when they are ready and/or a crediotr remitatnce can also be automatically generated and sent off, or can be viewed first before being sent from Re-Leased.