The following QuickBooks Online features are not supported by Re-Leased and may cause issues when attempting to sync.

Automated credits/payments 

Turn these off in QuickBooks Online under Account & settings > Advanced > Automation


Transactions in QuickBooks with discounts will not sync to Re-Leased, a workaround is to replace the discount in QuickBooks with a negative line item.

Mark ups

Transactions in QuickBooks with mark ups will not sync to Re-Leased, a workaround is to replace the markup in QuickBooks with a positive line item.

Multi Currency
Contacts and invoices set up as multi currency in QuickBooks can't sync to Re-Leased. Re-Leased customer support will need to unlink these from the connection between Re-Leased and QuickBooks. Once unlinked it's recommended to make the contact inactive in QuickBooks and create a new contact with your home currency.

Multiple email addresses on contacts
Contacts with more than one email address can't sync to Re-Leased. Removing the other email addresses from a contact in QuickBooks will allow the contact to sync between the systems.

Description Lines

Invoices, Bills, Credit Memos & Vendor Credits with a description line can't be synced from QuickBooks to Re-Leased. Re-Leased

Sent status in QuickBooks
The “Sent” status only shows in QuickBooks if an invoice is sent within QuickBooks.

Tax Rates with "Effective Date"
Tax rates in QuickBooks can change over time, this is done by setting the Effective Date.

Re-Leased doesn't support this feature, for tax rate changes a new tax rate will need to be created.

If you have a tax rate in QuickBooks that has a different rate for a future 'effective date', an error will occur when syncing with Re-Leased (tax rates with an effective date in the past will be ignored).

To fix the sync error, change the future effective rate in QuickBooks to be the same as the current rate and then create a separate rate for the new tax rate.

Invoices with product bundles

Product bundles in QuickBooks are not supported by Re-Leased, if you have any invoices or credit notes with product bundles they will not sync to Re-Leased.