Below is a list of things to avoid in QuickBooks Online as they will cause issues when syncing between Re-Leased and QuickBooks Online.

  • Chart of account’s with the same name

  • Editing transactions in a period that is locked in QuickBooks

  • Deleting paid transactions

  • Voiding paid transactions (remove payments first)

  • Changing the amount of a paid invoice/bill

  • Editing a voided transaction

Things to be aware of:

  • If you've been using Re-Leased prior to connecting to QuickBooks Online, the first sync will replace the RL invoice numbering with QuickBooks Online numbering
  • For chart of accounts in Re-Leased [P] prefix is for purchase and [S] prefix is for sales 
  • If a paid transaction is voided in QuickBooks Online and a sync error occurs, update the associated payment(s) in QuickBooks Online and sync again to resolve the error.
  • US Customers only: When an invoice is created in Re-Leased, the user has to select ‘yes/no’ for tax. If yes, the invoice goes back into QuickBooks Online, calculates the tax, then the tax amount is pushed back into the invoice in Re-Leased.