Once you are integrated with QuickBooks Online, your invoices will be numbered using QuickBooks Online numbering

Invoices created in Re-Leased

An invoice created in Re-Leased will initially have Re-Leased numbering until it is Approved and synchronized with QBO.

At that point, the invoice will be assigned its QBO invoice number (as long as custom numbering is turned OFF in QBO settings). That number will then be sent back to Re-Leased and the number will be displayed in Re-Leased.

Invoices created in QuickBooks Online

All invoices created in QBO will start with QBO numbers and will keep them when the invoice is synced to Re-Leased.

What happens to my Invoice numbers when I disconnect from QuickBooks Online?

If you disconnect from QBO, all of your invoices in Re-Leased will revert to using the Re-Leased numbering system.