The Tenancy Arrears Report provides a view of all tenancies that are in arrears.  

Tenancy Arrears Report Filters:

  1. Report For - Select a Company or show all companies in the report
  2. Display For - Choose to filter the report by Property Manager or Properties
  3. Property Managers to Include - By clicking Include All you will see all tenancies associated with the Property Manager or Properties (depending on your selection in Step 2), or you can make individual selections
  4. Type of Property - By clicking Include All you will see all Property Types, or you can make individual selections
  5. Vacated Status - Choose whether to Include or Exclude vacated tenancies
  6. Sort by - Choose to sort the report by:
    • Days in Arrears
    • Total Arrears
    • Tenant
    • Property
  7. Arrears Up to - Shows all arrears up to that date
  8. Show Tenancy Ledger Balances - Choose whether to include tenancy ledger balances in the report.  Note that this option will only show for Trust Account companies
  9. Show Unallocated Credits - Choose whether to show Unallocated Credits in the report

By clicking Generate Report on Screen the report will show on screen.  If you make subsequent changes to the report filters, you must click Generate Report on Screen to refresh the data shown. Alternatively you can Print as PDF or Download CSV.

Tenancy Arrears Report:

The Tenancy Arrears Report shows the following information:

1. Property - Property Name

2. Areas - The Areas associated with the Tenancy 

3. Tenancy - The Tenancy Name and associated Arrears Contacts below the Tenancy Name.  The Account Contact is listed as mandatory and any additional contacts that have chosen to receive Arrears Notices

4. Contact Details - The Contact Details for the Arrears Contact (phone, mobile & email)

5. Rent - The total rent per month

6. Paid to Date - The date that rent is paid to

7. Part Payments - Shows any part payments that have been made

8. Last Payment - Shows the date of the last payment

9. Days in Rent Arrears - Total days in rent arrears

10. Tenancy Ledger Balance - If you've selected this option, the balance associated with the Tenancy will show on screen

11. Outstanding Rent Invoices - Total of rent invoices in arrears for the Tenancy

12. Outstanding Other Invoices - Total of other invoices in arrears for the Tenancy 

13. Outstanding Invoices - Total of Outstanding Rent Invoices & Outstanding Other Invoices

14. Unallocated Credits - If you've selected this option, any unallocated credits show on screen and contribute to the Total Arrears Position

15. Total Arrears Position - Outstanding Invoices minus Unallocated Credits equals the Total Arrears Position

The report has Totals at the bottom of the page.