Note: Setup Invoice Templates tile will only be shown for Trust Accounting companies or companies with no accounting integration.

Only once your account has been verified, and your bank account and business URL have been added, a ‘Pay Online’ button can be added to all of your invoice templates.

To add the Pay Online button to all of your invoice template:

  1. In Re-Leased Pay Settings, click Enable Invoice Templates
  2. Click Apply to add the Pay Online button to all of your invoice templates

If you only use the System Template, you will need to create a custom template first before you can add the button.

Once the Pay Online button has been added to your invoice templates, any newly generated invoices using that template will include the button. 

Adding a Pay Online from Invoice Templates Settings

A Pay Online button can also be added to a template in Settings > Invoice Templates. Use this if you don't have the Setup Invoice Templates tile but use Re-Leased invoice templates. 

To add the Pay Online button:

  1. In Re-Leased Settings, click Invoice Templates
  2. Either edit an existing template, or click Create New Template
  3. Slide Enable Pay Online? to Yes
  4. Click Save Template