Once the first tenant has paid their invoice using Re-Leased Pay, it could take up to 7 calendar days for the money to be processed securely by Stripe and paid out to your bank account. 

After this first payout has been made, the standard turnaround time from a tenant paying their invoice using a credit card to the money being processed and paid out to your bank account, is on a per country basis. This is known as the payout schedule.

CountryPayout Schedule
Australia2 business days
United States2 business days
New Zealand4 business days
United Kingdom7 business days
Canada7 business days

Once the payout schedule is in effect, you will receive a single payout daily if money has been processed. The payout from Re-Leased Pay could include multiple payments for different invoices.

For the processing timings when a tenant pays using Direct Debit or ACH, see here.