The Payments Hub is where you will find a list of all online payments that have been made by your tenants. 

You can get to the Payments Hub from Re-Leased Pay Settings once you have started creating your Re-Leased Pay Account by clicking Payments Hub. There is also a Re-Leased Pay button on the main Income & Expenses page.

Each payment listed will have the following information:

  • The date the payment was made
  • The invoice number which can be clicked to open the invoice 
  • The name of the contact the invoice was sent to
  • The related property from the invoice (if it was selected)
  • The payment method used to make the payment
  • The invoice amount that was paid by the tenant
  • The status of the payment

There are 5 statuses that you could see:

  • Processing - this means the tenant has clicked the ‘Pay Online’ button to pay their invoice and their payment was successful
  • Paid Out - the money has been processed and paid out to your bank account (this could take up to 24 hrs)
  • Payout Failed - the payout has failed to make it to your bank account (if this happens, you will receive an email)
  • Reversed - the payment was reversed in Re-Leased or in your accounting software
  • Payment Failed - related specifically to direct debit/ACH when payment failed to be received from the tenants bank account

From the Payments Hub you are able to view your Payouts or return to the Re-Leased Pay Settings by clicking on Account Settings.