If a record is failing to sync between Re-Leased and QuickBooks Online and can't be resolved by updating it in either system, there is an option to "Unlink" the record and exclude it from future syncing. 

An example of when you might need to unlink a record is if a contact in QuickBooks is set up to use multicurrency. This feature is unsupported in Re-Leased, and once it's turned on for a contact in QuickBooks it can't be turned off again.

To unlink a record that is producing an error, select the "View system errors" button under the Add-on activity flag.

The existing records with an error will be listed on this page with an option to Unlink (or Relink if it has previously been unlinked).

Select Unlink next to the record that you want to stop syncing, and confirm by selecting Unlink Record in the pop up message.

If you would like to start syncing an unlinked record, you can come to this page and relink the record. However the record will require you to edit it in Re-Leased for it to sync. E.g. if you relink an invoice you would then need to find the invoice in Re-Leased, go into edit mode and save it.