This is the process your tenant will go through once you have enabled Re-Leased Pay and they choose to pay with Direct Debit. For now, this process will have to be repeated for each invoice.

1. Once they receive their invoice, they will see the Pay Online button

2. If they have multiple invoices available to pay, they will be shown a list where they can select which invoice to pay before selecting how to pay. If they only have one available invoice, they are taken to the choice to either pay with Credit Card or Direct Debit

3. When they select Pay by Direct Debit, they are redirected to the checkout where they have to enter in their email address, bank account information and confirm they are the account holder

4. When their payment is successful, they will see the payment success screen and be sent an email confirmation

There is a fee associated with using Direct Debit. The fee is determined by country and can be found here.

Once your tenant has paid their invoice using Direct Debit, there is a processing timeframe then the payout schedule will determine when you get paid out.

What happens in Re-Leased?

When the tenant clicks Pay, the invoice is immediately marked as paid in Re-Leased with a payment method of Direct Debit. It will also be shown in the Payments Hub with a status of processing.

There is a possibility that the payment is unsuccessful. This could be due to either the tenant having insufficient funds in their account, their bank not authorising the payment or they entered an incorrect bank account. If the payment is unsuccessful, the following will happen:

  • An email is sent to all users in the company with Administrator user role notifying them of the failed payment, as well as:
    • If the company is using Trust Accounting, an attempt will be made to automatically reverse the payment (if the payment has already been manually reversed or reconciled, it can't be automatically reversed)
    • If the company is using Xero, the payment will need to be reversed there first and then synced across
  • An email is sent to the tenant notifying them of the failed payment
    • If the payment was reversed automatically, the tenant has the option to pay the invoice again
    • If the payment needs to be reversed manually the tenant will need to organise an alternative method of payment