Our development Roadmap is something we often get asked about. We've decided to publish it here, so all our plans for enhancing our product are available for our users to interact with.

How does the Roadmap work?

We have split our roadmap into four stages, represented by the tabs along the top menu bar. These represent how far along the development process a particular initiative or feature currently is.


This is the top of our development funnel. At this stage, we're seeking feedback from our users to validate how urgent solving this problem is, and determining how much development time is likely to be needed to implement it. 

Coming Next

Items in this section have been validated, and are planned to be worked on at some point soon. There's no hard and fast rules on this, but normally we'd hope to begin working on an item within 6 months of it entering this phase.

In Development

As the name suggests - this is where our development teams are actively working on our product to solve the identified problem!


Hooray! At this stage, the development teams have released the changes they've made live into our users' hands!

Give us feedback!

For any card visible in our Roadmap, you can click on it to interact with it and give us your feedback. Please tell us how important this thing is, and why. We will then be able to use your feedback as part of the design process, and also send you updates as the card moves through the stages in the Roadmap.

Are we missing anything important? Do you have any great ideas for how we can improve Re-Leased that isn't part of our Roadmap currently?

Please tell us what you're thinking by clicking Submit Idea in the top right corner of your screen. You can tell us anything you want here - rest assured that every piece of feedback that comes through is reviewed by our Product team and forms part of our decision making process.

Access our Roadmap

You can click here to access our Roadmap at any time.