Disbursement Correspondence - Sending Owner Statements

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This article guides you through the various options available for delivering owner statements and remittance advice to both owners and creditors in Re-Leased. We will also discuss how to attach income invoices and expense attachments, and cover the process of saving preferences to streamline future communications.


Sending Owner Statements

In Re-Leased, the owner communications section offers the capability to attach an owner's income and expense documentation with their statement. To save time in future disbursements, these preferences can be conveniently set under each owner's contact details within the owner statement section.


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Emailing Owners

After initiating the disbursement to owners, you can use the Email Owners button to begin emailing statements to them once you're at the Disbursement Correspondence part of the disbursement process. Re-Leased will handle the delivery by email to owners based on their preferred method of receipt once the statements are fully prepared.

The following delivery options are available:

  • One email per statement: Each owner statement/ledger is delivered in a separate email.
  • One email - All statements in one PDF: A compilation of all the owner's statements/ledgers is sent in a single email, attached as one PDF.
  • One email - Individual PDF per statement (Coming in 2024): Owners will receive individual PDFs for each of their statements/ledgers in one email


: For owners using the combined residential owner statement, their delivery method will remain unchanged even with the introduction of new options. When selecting All statements in one PDF, each member of an owner group and any additional recipients will receive a separate email with a single PDF for the group.


Income Invoices and Expense Attachments

By marking the respective checkboxes for income and expenses, related invoices, and credit notes will be included in the email:

  • Income checkbox: Invoices and credit notes linked with the income shown on the statement will be attached.
  • Expense checkbox: Attachments related to expense invoices and credit notes will be included.
    Posting to Owners


Posting to Owners

Owners preferring physical copies can download complete statements after generation, with all income and expense documentation consolidated into a single PDF. This applies to owners with Post as their preferred send method. Please note that non-PDF attachments cannot be included in the downloaded document.

Note: If an owner has not been assigned a send method, statements will not be automatically downloaded or emailed. To set or update an owner's send method, locate the owner's details and select the appropriate option in the table provided.


Sending Remittance Advice

  • Emailing Creditors: Creditors who have chosen Email as their send method and provided an email address will receive their remittance advice electronically. Within the system, you can easily add or update a creditor's email address adjacent to their details.
  • Posting to Creditors: If a creditor requires a physical copy of the remittance advice, opting for Post allows you to download all the creditor remittance advices in one PDF, ready for printing and mailing out.

By implementing these insightful features and optimizing your delivery preferences, Re-Leased simplifies and streamlines the process of managing your owner and creditor communications efficiently and effectively.


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