Displaying Overdue Amounts on Invoices

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This guide explains how to display the total overdue amount on tenant invoices, providing a clear breakdown of what is owed.


Activating Overdue Amount Display on Invoices

For your invoices to reflect the total overdue amount for each tenancy, you will need to edit your invoice template:

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Choose Invoice Templates.
  3. Select an invoice template to edit by clicking Edit Template.
  4. Within the template editing interface, locate Optional Fields.
  5. Find and tick the checkbox that includes Total Overdue (income only) on income invoice PDFs.
  6. Click Save to apply the changes to the template.

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Understanding Overdue Amount Calculations

The total overdue amount is based on the day the invoice is downloaded or emailed. So if the PDF is sent or downloaded a subsequent time after payment has been received, this amount will change to what is currently overdue on that date.


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