Creating Expenses for BPAY Creditors (AUS-Only)

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Welcome to this walkthrough on how to create expenses for BPAY creditors in Re-Leased. This guide is aimed at helping you streamline the process of managing BPAY invoice payments for properties. By the end of this article, you will be confident in completing the entire process, from generating a new expense invoice to finalizing the details for a BPAY transaction.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating BPAY Expense Invoices

Creating a BPAY Expense Invoice involves several critical pieces of information you’ll need to gather beforehand. Follow these steps to ensure your BPAY expense invoices are correctly created and associated with the right properties and areas.

Starting the Invoice Process

Navigate to Income & Expenses, then select New Expense Invoice from the dropdown located at the top right of the page. After choosing the appropriate company within Re-Leased, you'll be directed to the expense invoice creation page. Here's what to focus on:

  • Related Property: Every BPAY Expense Invoice must be tied to a specific Property.
  • Related Area: If you receive invoices for the entire property, leave this blank. If the invoices are for specific areas within the property, choose the corresponding Area.
  • Related Tenancy: To link the expense to a tenancy (great for on-charging), select from the narrowed down list of tenancies based on the Property and Area selected.

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Setting the BPAY Creditor and Details

Identify the Creditor issuing the invoice:

  • Select the Creditor from the From field. If the Creditor is a BPAY Creditor, you will see BPAY fields appear on the invoice form.
  • Adjust the BPAY CRN (Customer Reference Number) if needed by checking against property and area details or adding a new one.
  • Enter the BPAY Biller Code if it's not already saved. This will automatically save for future transactions with this Creditor.

If you are processing an invoice from a new Creditor, you'll have the opportunity to create a record for them during this step. Just be sure to mark them as a BPAY Creditor to ensure the appropriate fields appear.

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Completing the Expense Invoice

Fill out the remaining details on your Expense Invoice. The BPAY details you've entered will be used for subsequent disbursements and the generation of the BPAY Bank file.

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