Adding an Expense Invoice against a Direct On-Charge Account

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In regions where the term "Direct On-Charges" is applicable, such as Asia-Pacific, this guide will assist in quickly invoicing tenants for on-charge items by adding an expense invoice against a property’s direct on-charge account. For North American users, the equivalent term is "Cost Recovery". For a deeper understanding of regional terminology, please visit our Glossary of Regional Terminology.

This article will guide you through creating a new expense invoice for items that need to be on-charged to tenants, streamlining the process and ensuring efficient management of recoverable costs. We will take a look at how to enter the necessary details, how to make use of the on-charge rules set up for a property, and the options you have for handling these types of expenses in our system.

Creating a New Expense Invoice

To record an expense invoice for direct on-charge items:

  1. Navigate to the Income & Expenses section.
  2. Click on New Expense Invoice.
  3. Fill in the necessary details of the expense invoice. If the account selected is associated with a direct on-charge for the specified property, an option to create on-charge invoices for tenants will appear.
  4. If you wish to hold the expense invoice until all related tenant invoices are paid, enable the provided option. Otherwise, leave it unchecked. Remember, you can manually approve the invoice at any stage after its creation.
  5. Choose to save the invoice as a draft, submit it for approval, or approve it straight away by selecting:
          1. Save as Draft
          2. Save & Submit for Approval, or
          3. Save & Approve respectively.

Generate Direct On-charge Invoices

Once the expense invoice is in the system, follow these steps:

  1. You will be redirected to a page to Generate Invoices that will show potential on-charge invoices for tenants based on the direct on-charge setting.
  2. Default percentage values will be applied according to the setup rules. To generate an invoice for each lease or tenancy, click on Generate invoice. You can adjust the percentage or amount if required, including reducing them to zero if an on-charge is not applicable for a tenant.
  3. Access each generated on-charge invoice by clicking on its invoice number, or navigate back to view all with the View On-Charge Invoice option provided.

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