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For those located in the Asia-Pacific region, the term "Trust Account" is commonly used, whereas customers in Europe will refer to this as a "Client Account". For a deeper understanding of regional terminology, please visit our Glossary of Regional Terminology.

This article provides guidance on how to locate and view invoices. Whether you're looking for a specific invoice by number, related property, or tenancy, or you need to filter invoices by type or status, our guide will help you navigate these features effortlessly. 

Finding Invoices

Invoices are accessible through the Income and Expenses tab, with the alternative option to view them via the properties or tenancies they relate to. Different types of invoices and their statuses are organized to provide clarity and context when managing your accounts.

Invoice Categories

Here's how invoices are categorized within the system:

  • Invoice Type: Includes Income, Expenses, Repeating Income, Repeating Expenses, and Receipts.
  • Invoice Status: Classifies invoices as Draft, Approved, Voided, Awaiting Approval, Paid, Overdue, or Credit Notes.

Searching and Filtering Invoices

To streamline your search for specific invoices:

  1. Utilize the search bar to find invoices by entering the invoice number, related property name, or tenancy name.
  2. Apply filters to sort invoices using the column headings in your account.
  3. Check what has been sent to tenants by looking under the relevant column.
  4. To open an invoice, simply click on its number.

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