Accessing the Landlord App

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Welcome to the Re-Leased Landlord App! This handy application is designed to help landlords get instant access to crucial property management information directly from their iPhone or Android devices. To provide you with a seamless experience, we'll walk you through how to activate the Landlord App for your company and start using its powerful features right away.


Activation Process

You’ll need to have it activated for your company's account on Re-Leased. Contact our support team to request activation of the Landlord App for your company.


Exploring the App's Features

With the app now active, your Landlord can easily tap into its features:

  • View property and tenancy details
  • Monitor income and expenses
  • Receive important notifications
  • Access important documents


Learn More with Our Video Guide

If you're eager to learn more about how the Landlord App can empower you in managing your properties, we've put together an informative video. It highlights the app's key features and provides a visual walkthrough to help you get the most out of your experience.


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